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Nature of Black Holes and Space-Time around Them

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Abstract: Basedon the Mach’s principle, black holes warp the space time in a way that geodesicfor every object which is moving toward black hole starts to bend and object startsto rotate around the black hole. Even light cannot be able to escape from thestrong gravitational field of black hole and all the light like paths will warpso as to fall farther to the hole. Before arriving to the Schwarzschild’sSphere, object faces with length extension because of the difference betweenamount of tidal forces on the nearest and furthest points of object that takethe object apart and after passing the Schwarzschild’s sphere, based on theSpecial relativity of Einstein, the parts of object face with lengthcontraction. In comparison between strange stars and black holes we concludethat core of strange stars has a temperature and pressure not sufficient for upand down quarks and they turn into strange ones. However, in core of blackholes, because of massive stars and hot gases falling into it, they are alwaysin a high temperature and pressure. So they can be made up of up and downquarks. At the Ergo sphere Region of black hole, a particle that gets into itwill divide into 2 pieces, one of them falls into the black hole and anothergets out of the Schwarzschild sphere very fast and it’s called the black holeradiation. According to the Diagram drawn by R. Rafini and J. Weeler, an objectgets out of white hole in past space-time, it can be able to send signals to usand we can receive it but black hole which is located in future space-time,after object enters to the Schwarzschild’s Sphere, the signals it sends won’tbe received. In order to reach the third space-time which is like a mirror toour universe, our speed needs to exceed the speed of light to pass theEinstein-Rosen Bridge. As a conclusion, structure of black holes can be made upof up and down quarks and everything falls into the black hole, collapses andturns into a bunch of quarks. Space-time around black holes, based onRafini-Weeler diagram, is like a frontier between our space-time and otherspace-times. So it can be possible to reach past space-time and other space-times.

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