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Secret Codes of Scale Distribution of Different Matter Stratums from Planck Scale to the Sun-Scale, Proof of Anthropic Principle and Different Stratum Sciences

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Abstract: This paper discovers the secret codes of the scale distribution from Planck scale to the Sun-scale by using Planck length derived from three fundamental physics constants, i.e., gravitation constant G, light speed c and Plank constant, and starting from the global consideration of treating the whole universe as a well unified entity in all scales. According to this symmetric scale distribution law of different scale regions: (a) we naturally give a possibility overcoming the difficulty of the desert effect between the grand unification scale and electroweak unification scale relevant to quarks and leptons, and it is really surprising to discover that the scales of quarks & electrons, protons & neutrons and atoms again all sequentially locate at the predicted points of the scale space; (b) we closely uncover the scale of the cells, which is the basic unit constructing the human bodies; (c) even the average height of human being is naturally deduced; (d) further, it is very surprising that the scales of the celestial bodies tightly related to us human beings, including the earth and the sun, also exactly fall at the predicted points in scale space in order. Therefore, all these scales with 105n cm order (n = 0, 1, 2, …, 9) above just give a proof of very key anthropic principle for whole mankind (which just makes the anthropic principle be reduced as anthropic theorem), i.e., matter stratums (a) and (b) are inorganic and organic bases of constructing human being respectively; matter stratum (c) is just human being; matter stratums (d) are the living environments of human being. Namely, everything is for or relevant to the existence of human being. Consequently, the experimentally checked scale ladder of well-known matter levels just coincides with the scale ladder predicted by the deduced distribution law. From Planck scale to the Sun scale, people may systematically build up the exact scientific theories corresponding ten matter stratums, may set up the different sciences among the different cross stratums, further, can systematically understand all the different sciences and their relations in the deepest way up to now.

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