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A Creation Model from the Gell-Mann Standard Model to the Creation of Bio Cells: Based on the Assumption of Homogeneous 5D Space-Time Universe

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Abstract: In this paper, we briefly go over the homogeneous 5D model field theory: from the 5D space-time inception, to its quantum field solutions given in terms of Higgs vacuum, filled with magnetic monopole bose fields of all energies. Then through the space dimension reduction projections, the Gell-Mann standard model was obtained as well as a quantum to Classical connection was made via introducing Bose distribution to the monopoles to obtain the Perelman entropy and Ricci Flow mappings. This provided us a picture to the creation of Astronomical objects, from galaxies to stars and planets. This method of splitting the monopole energy into ranges is extended to show that below the basic rest mass range of the electron and Quark, it still can be applied to explaining for the creation of the chemical elements periodic table. But perhaps the most interesting is in the lowest hundreds of Hz energy range, obtained from yet another 3 fold space symmetry breaking, into 2D × 1D, producing bio nitrogenous bases composed of 3 Carbon 12 in hexagon structures, due to preservation of the 1D monopole standing waves of this low frequencies. From that by imposing gauge changes the monopole states into DNA spectra. Since such spectra states retain the DLRO, it induces formation of charge carriers periodicity in a spherical bio cell.. It was then argued that due to cell’s surface proteins, the structure must contain partial filled VB, with “p” state hole density, and empty CB, separated from VB by a positive band gap. Such band structures resemble known HTC Cuprate ceramics. Since the HTC goes through a Superconductivity transition via the simultaneous bose exciton condensation, providing a Coulomb pressure, which reduces the band gap substantially, and induces the ODLRO transition of the hole density. The same obviously applies to the bio cells. Because of the near continuous exciton levels generated, a matching to the DNA spectra then can always occur by selective choices of proteins on the cell surface. Judging from a numerical study, we did years ago on YBCO, with doping. We found with a large enough VB hole density, the exciton induced superconducting gap can easily lead to Tc in the room temperature range. In fact by EMF excitation can increase the exciton pressure and trigger the ODLRO transition Tc upward. In fact, numerical results then suggest there do exist coherent EMF spectra from three key elements: Water, Carbon and Hydrogen, together with Oxygen, as studied over the years by numerous people, starting from Schrödinger to most recently Geesink.

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