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New Frontiers of Human Wisdom: Information, Communication and Consciousness Empowered Decision-Making under the Broader Realm of Reality

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Abstract: History of human creative and innovative pursuits is, at times, highlighted with instances of some most intellectually accomplished minds’ biggest regrets about their own intuitive wisdom and scientific discoveries ultimately proving to be unwarranted during some future course of modern observations and scientific developments. Most notable of all is Albert Einstein’s self-admitted, suppressing his own intuitive conviction, the so-called ‘Greatest blunder ever made in life’ in 1917 about his failure to accept the validation of his own equations of the ‘cosmological constant’ (usually denoted by the Greek capital letter lambda: Λ) in his original field equations of general relativity, which ultimately turned out to be in fact quite consistent with current observations in view of the fundamental role that this cosmological constant now appears to be playing in the modern cosmology and closely associated to the concepts of dark energy and quintessence. This instance reinforces the very deep-rooted, fundamental, and the pioneering role played by intuitive consciousness as a guiding instinct or force in a majority of pure creative enterprises and pursuits that humans have been engaged with since time immemorial. In this context, the present chapter including sub-chapters aims at presenting a dossier of concepts and applications of Information, Communication, and Consciousness Science going beyond conventional human and materialistic endeavors of present-day society. It entails and invokes a systemic holistic perspective towards resolving many issues and challenges that the global society is currently up fronted with. A systems perspective of cognitive consciousness holds that cognition can be explained by means of a continuous dynamic system in which all the elements are interrelated. The domain or system of cognitive consciousness can be hypothesized to be one such system where numbers of endogenous and exogenous variables have dynamic interplay impacting the physiology, minds, and meditations of individuals and Consciousness practitioners. Hence, understanding the non-linearity of this form of evolutionary Cognitive-Physical-Psychological dynamic system should be paramount. In the same manner, Quantum consciousness can be understood as a Neuronal-Spiritual phenomenon that is inseparably associated and in communion with the dynamic Genetic-physical existence of a human being. Probing further deep also reveals a unique phenomenon of Super causality as a sum total of all creational causalities and retro-causalities. It can be said that Complex dynamical systems are neither completely rigid nor fully random; instead, they display a unique balance of ‘integration’, cohesion, and robustness at the global level and at the same time, differentiation and multiple realizability at the component levels. Hence, in the domain of consciousness too, we see downward causation, in which upstream determinants at the higher-order consciousness (Spiritual) levels influence and regulate events at lower levels of human cognitive consciousness. It was only as a result of cutting edge physics, particularly Quantum Physics, the very fundamentals of all existence (perceived) so far that has confirmed again and again that Consciousness is in fact the very ground of Being. There is nothing else apart from Consciousness, from which arises mind as does matter. Physicists, of late, have also come to realize that the universe is interconnected in much subtler ways than had once thought. In quantum physics, the observer and the observed can no longer be separated and the whole is more fundamental than the part. According to this view, consciousness imposes "downward causation. " In other words, our free will is real as intention.

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