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Unifying Gravity with Electromagnetism, the Atomic Nuclear Forces, and the Higgs Eliminates the Universes Big Bang

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Abstract: In the first section, Einstein s 1919 paper "Do gravitational fields play an essential role in the structure of elementary particles? ", though originally intended to explain atomic structure, helps explain gravitational-electromagnetic (G-EM) unity by being used as inspiration for a “vector-tensor-scalar geometry”. The geometry is then extended, nearly a hundred years later, into “bits (binary digits) and topology” to complete G-EM unity. It also interprets the origin of mass, and of the Higgs boson, in terms of G-EM unity: thus relating the Higgs field to the supposedly unrelated gravitational field. In sections 3 and 4, Einstein’s paper is utilized in its original context by applying vector-tensor-scalar geometry to the Weak force’s bosons, then to the Strong force’s gluons: extending the previous G-EM unification to the remaining fundamental forces. Sections 2 and 5 are reminiscent of something the Danish physicist Niels Bohr is reported to have said last century, “Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true.” This article reaches a final conclusion that is, in a word, crazy. But the conclusion appears to be inescapable if mathematics has any value – and the article would therefore be crazy enough to be true. The vector-tensor-scalar relationship can substitute Earth for the Higgs boson and field, making our planet infinite and eternal. Obeying the Copernican principle that Earth does not rest in a special physical position in the universe, everything in the cosmos would be infinite and eternal, composing the Unified Field of the Block Universe Albert Einstein believed in. If the Earth, and everything on or beyond it, is eternally infinite; there can be no Big Bang originating time and the universe. Since a quantum computer is infinite and eternal in actuality,^ it can use 1 and 0 simultaneously (combining them into a so-called qubit). A traditional computer, though infinite and eternal, is built and programmed to function in a much more limited manner. Experiments suggesting that entanglement pervades all space and all time are used to suggest the Cosmic Microwave Background fills the entire sky without being produced by the Big Bang. This eternal infinity is beyond detection by bodily senses and current scientific instruments but is mathematically logical. Because of the rotating between the x- and y-axes in Wick rotation, there’s a space-time we call imaginary or higher dimensional that is just as real as ordinary space-time. Gravity also leads to mass here - “dark” matter – and that matter’s associated “dark” energy. Use of so-called "imaginary” time and quantum mechanics’ entanglement removes boundaries between the “imaginary” and known realities. Boundaries between the far future’s simulated universe and this known universe are removed by the imaginary’s affecting virtual reality to produce an augmented reality.

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