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  • 中学双语教学常用语400句--4

    301. Hey! What a coincident!哎呀,太精彩了。
    302. I’m really having a bad day.今天我倒霉透了。
    303. I guess today is just not my day.我觉得今天运气不佳。
    304. I am in good mood today.今天我的心情不错。
    305. I hate to be in your shoes.我也很同情你。
    306. What’s your interest?你觉得什么有意思?
    307. I’m interested in electric music.我对电子音乐很感兴趣。
    308. How interesting(exciting,boring)!多么有意思(惊奇,无聊)啊!
    309. On one hand, he’s patient with class, on the othe hand,he isn’t patient to his children,一方面,他对学生挺耐心,另一方面,他对自己的孩子不太耐心。
    310. We sent a classmate to town to buy some paper.我们派了一个同学到市里买一些纸来。
    311. When will you have more available?什么时候你们还有更多的可卖?
    312. He’s too poor to send his children to school.他太贫穷了,以致孩子无法上学。
    313. Have you found the pen you lost?你找到你丢的那支钢笔了吗?
    314. We are sorry you lost the game.为你们输了这场比赛而难过。
    315. Will you try to tell the story in English?你能用英语给我们说说这个故事吗?
    316. If you can’t do it yet,try again.如果说你还不行,就再来一遍。
    317. He tried to pass the exam, but he failed yet.尽管他很想通过这次考试,但还是没有做到。
    318. He didn’t lose hope though he had failed twice.尽管失败了两次,他仍未失去希望。
    319. Class is over now, let’s go and get something to drink.下课了,一块喝点水去吧。
    320. She asked me to show her the poem that I had written.她想让我给她看看我写的诗。
    321. I’ll show you how to do it.让我告诉你怎么办。
    322. let’s go home, it’s getting dark.快回家吧,天黑了。
    323. Your cold may get worse if you don’t go to see the doctor at once.不去马上看医生,你的感冒会更厉害。
    324. He caught a cold, but he soon get well after a good rest.他感冒了,好好休息就好了。
    325. Do you have any red ink in your pen ?你钢笔里有红墨水吗?
    326. This movie will be shown early next week.这个电影要在下周演出。
    327. Have you found the book you’re looking for.你找到你要找的书了吗?
    328. I found the story was very interesting.我发现这个故事挺有意思。
    329. I’m afraid that I can’t cut a long story short. 我恐怕不能压缩这个长故事。
    330. He noticed you study in the room yesterday.他知道你昨天在这屋里学习过。
    331. I knew I had made a mistake.我知道我错了。
    332. I’m sure you’ll pass the entrance examination.我相信你一定能通过这次入学考试
    333. Mr.Zhang is in the opposite office now .张老师现在对门的办公室。
    334. I hope this kind of thing will never happen again.我希望这种事情再也不要发生。
    335. Let me think for a moment.让我想一想。
    336. I have thought over the question quite carefully.我很仔细地考虑了这个问题。
    337. I think your answer is correct.我认为你的回答是对的。
    338. What do you think of our plan?你对我们的计划有什么要说的吗?
    339. There’re many computers in the lesson-preparing office.在我们备课室里有很多电脑。
    340. Where did you learn how to operate computer?你在哪里学的电脑操作?
    341. It goes without saying that the computer is one of the greatest inventions in human history.不用说电脑是人类历史上最伟大的发明之一。
    342. I’m glad you have got such a nice comptuter.你有这样好的电脑,我很高兴。
    343. He’s learning how to operate the computer now.他正学习如何操作这台电脑。
    344. Let’s drive to the station .我们开车到车站去。
    345. Hey! Keep your eyes on the road.注意,看前面的路。
    346. They drove slowly through(along) the streets.他们驾车缓缓地穿过马路。
    347. Get off first, and then get in.先下车,后上车。
    348. Give these picture books to the children.给孩子们这些图画。
    349. I ‘m sorry, I haven’t given you much help.对不起,没给你大的帮助。
    350. Grandma is learning to read and write ,through she is over seventy.奶奶尽管已年过70,依然学习读书写作。
    351. They were greatly surprised when they learned the news.他们听到这个消息后,感到非常惊讶。
    352. I learnt that our college team had won the match.我了解到我们大学队赢了这场比赛。
    353. Which train are you going to take?你想乘哪次火车?
    354. At what time will the meeting begin?会议什么时候开始?
    355. They put off the meeting until Thursday.他们把这个会推迟到周四。
    356. She made a speech of welcome at the meeting.会上,她做了欢迎致辞。
    357. He went to the headmaster to ask for leave.他为请假找了校长。
    358. We’ll go and get our hair cut in the town.我们要到街市里去理发。
    359. Our school won’t cut down our teach-resarching expense yet.我们学校也不会压缩教研经费。
    360. The students asked their teacher to give a short talk on English history.学生们要求老师给他们讲一些英国历史的情况。
    361. We felt that the plan was all right.我们觉得这个计划相当不错。
    362. On the afternoon of New Year’s Day, we’ll have a celebration meeting.元旦下午,我们要开一个庆祝会。
    363. We have missed the last bus, we have to walk home.现在没有了公共汽车,只能徙步回家。
    364. That day we walked over twenty kilometers.那天我们徙步20多公里。
    365. They’re taking a walk on the sports ground.他们正在体育场上散步。
    366. After supper we often go for a walk in the school garden.我们饭后经常到学校花园散步。
    367. They went on with their performance in spite of the rain .他不管天在下雨,仍坚持在岗位上。
    368. Children love to play.小孩嘛,总喜欢玩。
    369. Don’t play with fire.不要玩火。
    370. In their spare time, they’re fond of playing basket-ball.业余时间,他们喜欢打篮球。
    371. I prefer to stay at home in such weather.我喜欢这样的天气里只是呆在家里。
    372. Help yourself to some more fish(fruit,soup).随便吃点鱼(蔬菜,汤)
    373. Which do you prefer: rice or steamed bread?你喜欢吃什么,大米,馒头?
    374. He left for Shanghai around seven o’clock last night。昨天大约7点钟,他去了上海。
    375. .If she isn’t in ,you may leave a note to her.她不在的话,你给她留一个便条。
    376. The winter holiday will begin on January 24.元月24日开始放寒假。
    377. My teacher will spend her summer holidays in taking part in the teacher-training class.我们老师要利用暑假参加师资培训班。
    378. I have a present for you.我送你一件礼物。
    379. You don’t have to give me anything.你不必给送我什么。
    380. Long time no see, I’m glad to meet you again.久违了,见到你真高兴。
    381. Great changes have taken place in our school since 1985.从1985年以来,我们学校发生了很大变化。
    382. It will take almost two months to finish the teaching-building.要用近两个月的时间才能建成这座教学楼。
    383. We’d better turn back, it’s getting late.我们还是回去的好,天已经晚了。
    384. Suddenly,I remembered I had left my glasses in the library.我突然想起我的眼镜忘在了图书馆。
    385. I’m sorry, I have forgetten the word.对不起,我忘词了。
    386. I forgot to bring my notebook to class, I have left it at home.我把笔记本忘了,放在家里了。
    387. We haven’t decided when to hold the speech contest.我们还没定下举办演讲比赛的时间。
    388. When we read the text,we should pay attention to sentence stress,pause and liaison.读课文的时候,大家要注意句子的重音、停顿和连读现象。
    389. If you can’t see, come a bit nearer.你看不见的话,可以走近一点。
    390. Is there anyone absent?有谁没来?
    391. Today we shall study the text first, then I’ll ask you a few questions.现在大家先看课文,然后我问几个问题。
    392. This short text is selected from a novel.这篇短文摘自一篇小说。
    393. Epitomize the general idea ,the depict way of the text.概括本文的大意和描写方法。
    394. What’s the writing trait of the text?本文写作特点是什么?
    395. Have you got any questions about this paragraph?就这段而言,大家有什么意见?
    396. Who would like to say sth as briefly as possible about the text ?谁能较简短的说说这篇课文。
    397. How do you like the story ?Give me your reasons, please.喜欢这个故事吗?说说理由。
    398. Begin to divide into groups to discuss it(have a discussion in groups).开始分组讨论。
    399. The first lesson has been finished, Have you grasped all the key points?第一课结束了,大家掌握了所有的要点了吗?
    400. More energetic(active), please.再积极一点。

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